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  PayPal Orders

When paying via PayPal through the MPCsounds' Online Store, your transaction in your PayPal Account will always show as payment sent to "MODERNBEATS INC ". Plus, under "Details" it will show support [a|t] modernbeats [d|o|t] com as the official PayPal email.

  Credit Card Orders
  When using your credit card via MPCsounds' Online Store, rest assured that the transaction is secure. We use advanced encryption technology that safeguards your personal information and guarantees privacy and security. Your transaction on your Credit Card Statement will show as a charge from "MODERNBEATS INC" (ALL CAPS). If your statement does not read exactly as above, email your questions and concerns directly to support [a|t] mpcsounds [d|o|t] com for help.
  Phone Orders
  NOTE: MPCsounds does NOT accept phone orders nor process orders over the phone.'s phone line is reserved solely for customer support. All Credit Card & Paypal orders must be placed online directly through MPCsounds' Online Store located at Email your questions and concerns directly to support [a|t] mpcsounds [d|o|t] com for help.
  Money Order Instructions

We only accept US Postal Money Orders for money orders. When mailing your money order, please include the list of items you are wishing to purchase, plus add $8.95 (Priority Mail) for domestic shipping or $14.95 for foreign shipping. Also, include your full name, shipping address, email, and phone number. Your money order must be made payable to MODERNBEATS, INC. and mailed to the following address:

ModernBeats, Inc.
P.O. Box 360992
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Email questions regarding money orders to support [a|t] mpcsounds [d|o|t] com.

  Wire Money Instructions

If you 're unable to order via our Online Store or by Money Order, you may order by sending a wire payment via Western Union ($75 minimum order required). Before sending a Western Union payment, you must email support [a|t] mpcsounds [d|o|t] com to request wire details. Never wire funds to MPCsounds without first emailing support [a|t] mpcsounds [d|o|t] com.

Priority Mail (3-5 days from shipping date, non-guaranteed) starts at $8.95
Express Mail (1-2 days from shipping date, guaranteed) shipping inquiries must be called in before noon MON-THUR.
Please Note: Shipping prices vary depending on the amount of products selected but start at the amounts above.

Global Priority (6-10 business days) $14.95 Please Note: Shipping price will vary depending on the amount of products selected but start at the amounts above. Delivery times for destinations outside of the United States are approximate and cannot be guaranteed, therefore, please allow 10 full business days (not including weekends) for delivery. Additional import duties, fees, and/or taxes may apply to international shipments.
  Returns, Exchanges, & Upgrades
  All Soundware, Software, and Literary products are non-refundable once passwords have been issued or product is shipped. To avoid unexpected problems and hassles, be certain to read full product descriptions before placing orders. All shipped disks come with a 30-day replacement offer where you are allowed to return defective disks in for replacement disks.

Need to Upgrade Formats? Upgrade Today!

MPCsounds/ModernBeats Format Upgrade Price Options:
1) Upgrade from ModernBeats set to downloadable
MPCsounds set = 75% OFF regular price.
2) Upgrade from ModernBeats set to shipped
MPCsounds set = 60% OFF regular price.
3) Upgrade from MPCsounds set to downloadable
ModernBeats set = 75% OFF regular price.
4) Upgrade from MPCsounds set to shipped
ModernBeats set = 65% OFF regular price.

Bonus: Upgrade Orders over $50 earn a FREE
VIP Archive round for more free samples & loops!

Email: sales [at] mpcsounds [dot] com

Please Note: Business hours are 9:30 to 5:30 Central Standard Time, Monday-Friday.



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